Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha Offers Safe Tips for Visiting Doctor’s Office Amid COVID-19

Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha

November 9, 2020

Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha

The world is still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. While some countries, such as South Korea, largely have the disease under control, much of Europe and the United States are still struggling to contain the disease. Still, life goes on and many people have to keep important meetings and checkups with their doctors. That’s why Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha wants to discuss some safety tips for visiting the doctor’s office amid the pandemic.

“A lot of my patients are still coming into the office. On our end, we’re taking precautions, sanitizing the waiting room as often as possible, and requiring staff to wear masks at all times,” Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha says. “Still, there are some steps patients can take on their end to lower risks.”

Many people go to the doctor precisely because they are sick. That might mean COVID-19 or something else. Early on, some doctors warned emergency rooms were potential hotspots. Even a visit to an ophthalmologist (eye doctor), like Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha, could increase risks.

“We warn patients to skip meetings with an ophthalmologist if they’re showing COVID-19 symptoms or have been around people who had the disease. That helps,” Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha notes. “Of course, if you have an emergency, come in.”

Many doctors, including Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha, are also working to reduce crowds in waiting rooms and foot traffic. This way, fewer patients will expose each other to COVID-19 and other risks.

“We try to schedule appointments so there’s less chance of people coming into contact with one another,” Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha states. “By spacing out appointments, we can reduce foot traffic. Talk with your doctors and see how they’re handling it. Ask if there’s a way to reduce time in the waiting room, for example. You might wait in your car and have the clinic or hospital staff buzz you when your appointment is up.”

Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha Works to Keep His Office Safe

Masks and frequent handwashing also help. Many clinics and practices are requiring staff to wear masks around patients and to wash their hands. Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha has been working with his staff to train them on safety procedures.

“We’ve always had a clean office and great hygiene,” Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha points out. “We’ve always wanted to protect our patients. That said, we’ve stepped up even more. Frequent hand washing, masks, social distancing, we do everything we can. Fighting COVID-19 requires constant diligence.”

When visiting the doctor, patients should also wear masks, preferably surgical masks, if they are available. This will slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce risks that patients will contract it, Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha argues. This is true at the doctor’s office, the grocery store, and everywhere else.

“We ask all of our patients to wear masks, and we provide proper masks to those who don’t have them,” Dr. Amir Reza Hajrasouliha says. “It’s going to take a community to beat COVID-19 and we’re proud to be part of the efforts to fight this pandemic.”